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1. 10 Reasons Why I cannot be a:

 -Jehovah's Witness - Apologetics
 -Mormon Religion -  Apologetics
 -Muslim / Islam faith - Apologetics
 -An Atheist - Apologetics

 2. Marriage Counseling files:

 -Think & Do List - Worksheet
 -Victory Over Sin - Worksheet
 -How to Change - Worksheet
 -Building Friendship & Intimacy in Marriage
 -Conflict Resolution information
 -Love & Respect Cycles
 -The Exception Clause - Does it mean adultery?
 -Dealing with Marital Anger
 -5 Commandments for Spiritual Growth

 3. The Gideons International:
  -The Gideons International Website

4. The Dispensation of God's Grace:

 -A Study of the dispensing of God's Grace!

 -Short Bible Studies


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  Read the scriptures online - good study tools

 Lighthouse Mystery Ministries

  The Gospel of the Grace of Jesus Christ

 Berean Bible Society

  An Organization promoting Bible Study

 Christian Answers.net

  A website that answers many good questions


  RBC Ministries - Home of "Our Daily Bread"

 Bible Gateway.com

  Searchable online Bible in 100 versions +


  A Christian Living resource website


  Institute of Basic Life Principles

 Institute for Creation Research

  Scientific and biblical information regarding the creation/evolution controversy

 Blue Letter Bible

  Great Bible study tool with lots of options!


Therefore by Him let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name.  Hebrews 13:15

 If you were to come before God, and He were to ask you
"Why should I let you into My Heaven?"
How would you answer Him?
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